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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  October 28, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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eyewitness news at 4:00 starts now. h1n1 deaths. a suspected case is confirmed. >> and another person dies, as the swine flu continues to take a toll here in maryland. hi, everybody. i'm sally thorner. >> and i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. >> two more confirmed deaths in
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maryland from the h1n1 virus. and they expect more as we get into the heart of the flu season. wjz is live with flu watch coverage. weijia jiang is live at the health department, with more on the latest victims and the vaccine supply. >> reporter: health authorities say both of the latest victims appeared to be healthy before they contracted the flu. and now their concern is whether this will be enough vaccine to prevent yet another fatality. >> reporter: the h1n1 flu- related death toll is now at 12. >> these two individuals were adults. they were in the baltimore metropolitan region. and to our knowledge, they had no underlying medical condition. >> reporter: the state health department is not releasing any details about the latest victims. although a spokesperson confirms one is 18-year-old walter brooks, jr. his family confirmed his death to wjz. >> i hope that people understand that this is a
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serious thing and it shouldn't be taken lightly. >> they need to get out and get vaccines. >> reporter: by the end of the week, maryland will have received 420,000 doses of the vaccine. but there are 3 million people considered most at risk. and officials say it will be several weeks before it will be enough for everyone. >> that's why we're asking folks that are healthy and not in those target populations to step back. >> reporter: when the vaccine does arrive, it's shipped out to treat target risk groups first. today, they treated kindergarten through fifth grade. health officials would tackle five more locations on friday. >> i think it's important to parents because they're not sure what can happen or what will happen to the child. if, in fact, they get h1n1. it's still convenient. >> until there is enough for everyone considered most at risk, there is no choice but to wait and to hope the potentially deadly virus does not strike again. >> reporter: and today, state
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health authorities asked us to stress one more time, even though they say you've heard it before, to take preventive measures, wash your hands, cough properly, and most importantly, if you feel sick, stay at home. we're live at the state health department, in baltimore, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> thanks, weijia. stay with wjz for complete flu watch coverage. for important information on who is eligible to get the vaccine, simply go to new details on a man who fell through a sidewalk. vic is in the newsroom with the man's identity and his condition. vic? >> thomas harrison is recovering tonight, after he was treated at shock trauma. it gave way on a busy baltimore street corner. he told us what was going through his mind at the time of the accident. >> next thing i know, i was just hoping i wasn't going to die or nothing. and when i was going to hit the
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bottom. because there was a long fall. >> other than the initial inspection, the city says it's up to the building's owner to make sure the grates are safe. kai, back to you. >> vic, thank you. new information about the two pilots who overshot their destination airport by nearly 150 miles and who are now grounded. tara mergener reports for wjz from washington. the two veteran northwest pilots who overflew their destination last week won't be flying again any time soon. the faa has revoked their licenses. both have admitted to using their personal computers in the cockpit. in a statement, northwest parent company says the consequence is termination. >> these planes, the fly-by- wire planes, they literally fly themselves. and for long flights, it can be very boring. you're sitting there. the plane is doing what it's
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supposed to do. you can drift. and that's a real challenge. >> reporter: captain timothy cheney and first officer richard colts say they were online, checking out the company's new flight crew scheduling system and lost track of the time and location. they were out of communication for more than an hour before a flight attendant got their attention on the intercom. by then, the crew had flew well past their intended destination. they missed frequent calls from air traffic control because their radio was on the wrong frequency. the military was ready to fly scram bler jetless. >> reporter: the faa says the pilots failed to comply with numerous regulations. they have continue days to appeal the decision. >> reporter: earlier, the pilots union released a statement, cautioning against rush to judgment. either career pilot has had an
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accident or violation. the flight recorder data recorded the conversation, but only for the last half hour. by then, the pilots had realize the their mistake. table turned today for a charles county judge who pleads guilty in his own courtroom for tampering with a vehicle. circuit judge robert nally apologized for deflating the tire of a woman. he said he was ashamed of his conduct. he must apologize to the woman whose tire he deflated and pay the fine. heavy rain makes the morning commute a bit tricky for some drivers on the jones falls expressway. take a look at the pool of rain. water on two lanes of the southbound i-83 this morning. traffic was backed up to the junctor at 695 and caused delays for the morning rush. outside right now, the sky is blue, and the sun is shining, or at least it has been. wjz has weather and traffic
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together. meteorologist bernadette woods has the updated weather here. it was nice to see the storm. >> that storm get out of here much quicker than we expected. want to show you first warning doppler radar. starting to pick up real speed as it maymade its way into the -- it made its way into the atlantic. we'll show you, that's where the storm is right now. all the way up into new england already. as we cleared out, we warmed up to 70 degrees. we'll have more changes coming. >> let's check on the roads now with sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. it's got to be better than this morning, sharon. >> absolutely. i would say anything is better than this morning. it was very busy. this afternoon, we don't have any problems. the biggest issue is actually a disabled vehicle. no major delays, though. watch for an accident in owings mills. garrison forest. another in edgewood, that crash on emerton road.
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and burlington avenue, there's an accident there. and a few more in the city. and calvert, at east center street. otherwise, there's a look at your drive times for the speeds and the top and west side. not so bad. the slowest spot, 40 miles an hour. inner loop between i-95 and 795. there's a look at the top side at green spring. delays don't begin until once you get beyond green spring. not so bad. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you've suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the firm or visit their website for a free consultation. nasa's moon rocket took its first test flight today. >> five, four, three, two, one. ignition and liftoff of aries 1x. >> it was one day and three hours later than planned. the flight lasted two minutes,
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just enough time for the first staged solid booster. parachutes pop. and they dropped the boosters in the atlantic ocean, where recovery ships white waited for it. today's launch is their first step in an effort to get astronauts back on the moon. stricter standards. a simple check that would have kept a tour bus off the road and prevented a crash that killed 17 people in texas. -- why is ed norris stumbling drunk? his accusations of using meth and the lies he told to dodge a drug test. >> the rain is gone and the sun is out. meteorologist bernadette woods has your updated first warning forecast.
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an off-duty security officer is credited with saving the life of a doctor, who had been stabbed by one of the doctor's patients. boston police say the 37-year- old suspect stabbed his psychiatrist several times inside a massachusetts general hospital facility. the security guard who does not work at the hospital sprang into action, after witnessing the attack. the doctor is listed in serious but stable condition. the new tell-all book reveals shocking details of tennis star andre agassi. he says he then lied to tennis officials to avoid suspension. agassi said that his positive drug test came from his drink being spiked. it's one of the most often and deadliest committed crimes. that's why the strike force is
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leading against drunk driving. >> last year, nearly 12,000 people, including 152 in maryland died in highway accidents involving drunk drivers. >> it's 7:08 in the morning. i've got three shots of cherry flavored bourbon in my hand. >> reporter: that's why ed norris was drinking this morning. this former cop knows the perils of driving impired. >> -- impaired. >> i've seen the effects. obviously innocent people, who were killed. i've seen good people ruin their lives because they went out for happy hour. >> check force is a campaign to keep drunk drivers off the road. >> we take it for granted we can have a drink of wine with friends for dinner. we take it for granted we can have a glass of wine at home and get behind the wheel. and you just can't do it.
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>> the alcohol is having a effect. >> .029. >> that's the message we're trying to get to people. you don't have to be falling down to be impaired. >> his blood alcohol content pushes toward the legal limit of .08. >> just showing people what's going to happen. three hours later, i'm slurring my words. >> you can listen to how he's unable to do certain tasks now. getting words out is getting harder to do. >> norris is legally drunk now, unable to maintain his balance. his bac reaches .10. maynard will drive him home. >> where are you going now? >> i'm going home. i'm going to have some eggs and go to sleep. >> reporter: checkpoint strike force is part of wjz's continuing community commitment. for more information on designated drivers programs, log onto our website,
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>> a rocky start on wall street today. worries about the economic recovery dragged the markets down. dow was down 119 points. s&p down 21. nasdaq off 57. let's go to new york right now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. >> reporter: sales of new homes unexpectedly fell in september. it was the first time that's happened in six months. sales were off more than 3 1/2%. it appears the number of buyers is dwindling as the temporary tax credit for first-time home owners winds down. new foreclosure hot spots are popping up. boise, idaho posted sharp increases. las vegas still has the nation's highest rate with one in five homes in foreclosure. gmc is -- gmac is asking for a third arm in lending. they need to raise $11.5 billion. the government already owns a
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35% stake in gmac after providing money to the lender. volvo may soon have a chinese owner. ford says a chinese group is the leading bidder. ford is looking to concentrate on ford, lincoln and mercury. and how is this for a travel deal? southwest is offering one-way flights for $25. it's all based on mileage. so $25 gets you up to 375 miles in travel. while $100 will get you a thousand miles. for more money headlines, stay with cbs money in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. the nation's beer makers are trying to appeal to a new set of drinkers. the six-pack ab crowd. light beer has just 100. miller's new light beer has
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6400. and anheuser-busch's has more. less calories means less alcohol content. backyard balloon launch. colorado district is investigating not the heene family, but the county sheriff. we'll explain. a big honor and surprise for an anne arundel county high school student. i'm andrea fujii. that story coming up on eyewitness news. >> the rain is gone. leaving mostly blue and sunshine behind. get your updated first warning forecast. from ghouls and goblins, to princesses and super heroes, maryland is celebrating halloween. these are the pictures. go to
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a deadly blast in pakistan. cbs's wyatt andrews is traveling with mrs. clinton. and katie couric joins us live from new york, with more on
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this story you will see only on the cbs evening news. >> hi, sally. good to talk to you. as you mentioned, wyatt is traveling with the secretary of state. that is just a terrible attack. pledging more aid and support for the government of pakistan to fight these militants. there was a suicide bomber, a car bomb, actually struck a marketplace. it's called the women's market. so it intentionally targeted women and children and more than 100 people were killed. and there were two pretty scary attacks in afghanistan and kabul today. the taliban actually took over a guest house full of election workers in cabul. -- kabul. 11 were killed. then the presidential palace in nearby kabul, there were rocket attacks launched on those two nearby buildings. and as a result, about 100 people had to sort of try to stay safe in a bunker. so we're going to be covering both of those stories very closely to want. >> in addition, katie, tonight's american spirit
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piece, by daniel seburg, he's in ethiopia? >> that's right. he's doing a profile of blake mccloskep. and blake founded thom's shoes. basically, the premise for every pair of shoes they sell, they give a pair to a child in need. and daniels traveled to ethiopia, where kids are suffering from a disease that is partially caused by lack of footware. -- footwear. because it's something in the soil. it's a very inspiring piece on this one young man who is really changing the world, one pair of shoes at a time. >> all right, katie. we'll look for both of those stories tonight. thank you very much. >> thank you, sally. you can see those stories on the evening news here with katie couric. here's bernadette with a look at our weather. bernadette? >> take a look at that. we saw some sun returning today. want to take you back to earlier today. what was going on.
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there was a lot of rain during the overnight and during the morning hours. and then as we moved through the afternoon, this storm just took off to the northeast. sun quickly came out. and because it came out earlier than expected. we warmed up more than we thought for today. here's a large look. it is just racing away from the area. with that happening, winds have turned around to the west. that's bringing in the dryer air. and also alowing us to -- allowing us to warm up. 49 chilly degrees in oakland. it was 73 in pax river. 70 degrees above the average. 63 degrees. so on the whole, here's the storm. we're done with this now. behind it, there's another one. that's going to cause us problems over the weekend. so it works out like this. high pressure builds in for tonight. that's going to allow the winds winds to calm down.
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we'll see clouds and fog form overnight. and during the day, clouds will mix with sunshine. friday, a new round comes our way. at this point, we're going to have a warmup ahead of it on saturday. clouds around for the most part. but the showers should hold off until saturday night into sunday. and that's the way it's looking with this. so some of the earlier day fest cysts will -- festivities will get in. we'll have keep an eye on the overnight ones and the nighttime ones for halloween. forecast comes together like this. out on the waters. we have a small craft advisory. overnight in tomorrow, out of the northeast at 5 to 10 knots. tonight, we're going to see the clouds. and the fog starts to form. winds die down. dropping down to 49 degrees. and tomorrow, clouds start out the day. then we'll start to see sunshine mixing in there. below that average, which is now down to 63. a break again on friday. but that next storm comes in on sunday. over the weekend, saturday into sunday.
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>> all right. >> thanks, bern. just a reminder for you. don't miss cbs's prime time lineup. tonight it's another episode of csi new york. followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. a clear-cut leader is emerging from the wjz football challenge. jessica kartalija with this week's football challenge. >> and that clear cut leader is our own meteorologist tim williams. he is really pulling away from the field. he is now moved up to fourth on the overall leader board. stan has 75 points. adam and i are duking it out with 73. the real winner this week, sullivan brown sr. of severn. he chose 12 out of 13 points correctly and was closest to the final score on sunday night's game. remember, you can still sign up to play. just come here to and click on the banner near the top of the home page. now, back to you. >> thanks, jess. ranks are back on wjz -- ravens are back on wjz this weekend.
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stick around after the game. sick around with sports director mark viviano. marty, the bull dog and mary, all live at the espn zone harbor. still ahead. a long-term head trauma. congress wants to investigate. a two-ton beam falls in the san francisco bay bridge onto a car, shuting it down. how weather is keeping construction crews from doing their jobs. a mob of 25. police in california continue to make arrests in the shocking gang rape outside a homecoming dance. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic after this.
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it is 4:29.
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mostly cloudy. 69 degrees. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. troubling information about the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl outside of her homecoming dance in california. five suspects have now been arrested. and as robert lyles reports, police now believe more than two dozen people witnessed the attack and didn't do anything to stop it. >> when i say 25, i mean, that many people knew what was going on, saw first hand and left or stayed and watched but didn't do anything. >> so richmond police are now putting money on the line, offering a $20,000 reward to anyone who offers a name or any information that leads to the arrest of any of the so-called mob of 25. at the same time, someone posted this notice to consider the women in their lives and turn in the attackers because this rape and now classroom arrest has rocked students to their core. >> it's crazy. because it's like, if you're sitting there, like somebody
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that gets picked up that i've been siting with in class. because you see them walk out in class. it's like i was sitting there with that person. feels weird. >> reporter: detectives have now picked up three juvenile suspects yesterday. this 15-year-old who is now under arrest. his classmate has been interrogated but released. still, police say he's not in the clear. and according to police, those two led to a third team today. >> let me get into the interrogation room and starting to be confronted with all of the evidence and the statements about them. and they look at the consequences. they realize that there is no loyalty to the other people. they start talking right away. >> reporter: investigative sources tell cbs 5, the girl was drinking with some of her attackers on this patio, in the moments leading up to the gang rape. sources say her blood alcohol level was well over the legal limit. but the attackers may have left behind evidence, condoms, according to sources. and possibly captured the attack on cell phones.
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>> i've had friends that they're accusing of being there. knowing what happened. and that like supposedly, they have evidence that some of them did stuff. but what i've heard, it wasn't really nobody from mr. naughton's. >> detectives don't believe that. in fact, search warrants are being written on a list of possible suspects. >> you will be seeing from me in a short amount of time, wanted persons bulletins. >> at last check, the rape victim is expected to recover from her physical injuries. we have breaking news now to tell you about. >> reporter: hello, vic. we are in callenton, which is along i-95, north of whitemarsh, where callenton avenue overpasses 95, with an accident, involving a sedan. apparently collided with either one of two trucks here. we have a tractor-trailer and another towing another. looks like the driver of the vehicle was injured.
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it's not clear how serious those injuries are. however, there was a second and subsequent accident, about a half mile south of there, as a result of the backup that you see here. another rear-ender type of collision. -- t is not clear how serious the injuries are there. but it causing major problems along northbound 95. the backup extends well beyond the baltimore beltway on the northeast side here. through whitemarsh. if you're coming north from 695, along i-95, can you expect pretty major delays along whitemarsh. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you very much, captain mike perry. the sheriff who is handling the so-called balloon boy case, is now under investigation. sally is in the newsroom to explain y. >> reporter: richard and mayumi heene are accused of falsely reporting that their son was in a runaway balloon. the heene family is now accusing the sheriff of breaking privacy laws by talking about the involvement of child welfare workers in the case.
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a special prosecutor has been assigned to investigate the allegations in the case. >> richard heene denies that it was a hoax while mayumi heene admits to having planned the stunt. an edgewood man. investigators say joshua freeman and two other men forced their way into another vehicle monday. they allegedly beat the woman before they pushed her out of the car, drove away. and set the car on fire. police are still looking for two other suspects. the san francisco bay bridge is closed indefinitely. it's all because some repair work became loose, falling into the path of the cars, during the evening rush hour. joejoe vazquez reports, engineers are now trying to determine how long the problem will take to fix. >> taking him to her. >> reporter: jose villa villalobos was driving a rider truck.
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suddenly, he noticed a huge, loose cable begin to whip around. >> when i see the thing in the air, i started to put on the breaks. but i'm scared. you know. >> reporter: a giant chunk of metal fell in front of his truck. leaving a substantial hole. it is the circumfrance of a baseball bat. it barely missed drivers faces. >> do you see the part? and i'm feeling like a little in my eyes. might have had some glass in your eyes? >> yeah. i'm okay, though, i'm lucky to be here. >> reporter: flashback to early september. tonight, a caltrans spokesman said it was the cacross bar -- the cross bar and road rod from that repair shop that fell to the ground.
4:37 pm
an engineer said that caltrans workers and engineers were under a lot of pressure to get the work done as quickly as possible. but he's not certain whether the rush resulted in today's collapse. it took several hours but the bay bridge is now closed while engineers try to figure out how to fix it. >> i would strongly suggest that you start planning tonight for tomorrow's commute. you want to allow yourself more time getting to where you have to go. because you have to keep in mind that more people are going to use those alternate routes. there's going to be more people on public transportations. and if you're one of the lucky people who can work from home, tomorrow might be a good idea to do so. >> extra trains will be running to help commuters. there are new efforts under way to protect football players from the lifelong impact of head injuries. kai is in the newsroom with details from a hearing today in washington, d.c. >> the house judiciary committee met today with top executives from the nfl. as well as former players and
4:38 pm
doctors. recent medical research shows football players can develop invisible brain damage and lead to dementia later in life. several now have brain damage, years after stepping off the field. today, the nfl said it's changing rules to discourage hits that cause concussions. >> yes, it is true that professional football players are the best, most well- conditioned athletes in the world. but even those blessed with tremendous athletic gifts are vulnerable to severe injuries. >> the nfl also plans to improve the player's safety equipment as well. denise? >> thank you, kai. current ravens' center matt burke also announced he will donate his brain and spinal cord after he dies so researchers can study his football injuries. it has been a nice day outside. take a look outside. partly sunny skies over baltimore. and the gloomy weather of this morning.
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wjz has weather and traffic together. bob is here now with the updated numbers. between 10:00 and noon, we got a west wind. all of that rain way up to the north. take a look at that. raining cats and dogs around the boston area. they should get the game in there tonight, by the way. around the region, except for some clouds, we pretty much cleared up pretty nicely. there may be fog and drizzle overnight, which may burn off in the morning. we expect maybe two to two and a half dry days. we'll talk about the halloween weekend in just a few minutes. denise? >> let's check on the roads with sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. the biggest issue we have now on the roads is going to be on 95. we have a look from sky eye chopper 13 of the situation of 95 northbound. this is in the area of whitemarsh boulevard. just past whitemarsh boulevard. it is blocking two right lanes. causing quite a bit of backup.
4:40 pm
this is to 895, submerged there. and according to our speed sensors there, you're looking at a 19-minute drive time. meantime, watch for another accident. that one on 95 in the northbound lanes at key highway. and another at washington boulevard, at free state drive. as far as accidents in the city, we have a few of those as well. calvert at east center. parkton at yale. and reisterstown at wahutton. as far as other issues. minor delays. nothing too major. the biggest is on the west side of the beltway between 95 and 795. average speed, 42 miles an hour. there's a look at the west side, not looking so bad at wilkins avenue. this traffic report is brought to you by the state highway administration. area police are on the hunt for drivers. drunk driving over the limit under arrest. visit checkpoint strike force. for more than a decade, his
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name was synonymous. buddy rugow is taking a new job. rugow was appointed to the lottery post by then governor paris glendening. before that, he worked in howard county government. he'll leave the job at the end of november. an anne arundel county high school student got the surprise of a lifetime. andrea fujii was there as the chesapeake high school senior was awarded a $10,000 scholarship. >> we're awarding you, $10,000. for the scholarship. >> reporter: james dugan thought it would be a regular school day. >> are you surprised? >> very much so. >> instead, he's getting a head start on paying off his future tuition. from hundred of applications, james is the recipient of a nordstrom scholarship, awarded to 40 students across the country. >> only five of these scholarships are awarded every year in the capitol area. that's including parts of
4:42 pm
maryland, and d.c. james' life story impressed the judges. his dad passed away two years ago and has since become the father figure for his younger triplet brothers. >> the income was cut in half. and it's been very difficult. >> with many deserving young people to choose from, james' mother says she's thankful for the gifts. >> college and university. these years are very expensive. and i'm very thankful to nordstrom for offering the opportunity. >> reporter: classmates were also caught offguard. but not surprised. >> he's a great guy. he's smart. great to be around. >> reporter: with high aspirations of becoming a commercial airline pilot. and possibly attending florida tech. a $50,000 award from school. he says this lifts stress off his family. >> that's $10,000 my family doesn't have to pay for. >> this is the second year nordstrom has awarded these
4:43 pm
scholarships in the capitol area. >> what a disturbing young man. still ahead. in a tight spot. a young boy gets trapped between two buildings. how he got there and how he got out. new details of a call just before a wrong-way crash in new york that came too late. mild afternoon with lots of sunshine. and wjz 13 is always on. for the top stories on, for instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click
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we have breaking news from richmond police. gang ripof -- rape of a 15-year- old high school student at a
4:47 pm
homecoming dance. a 21-year-old and two teenagers have been taken into custody. so far, five have been taken in for the incident, which police say was witnessed by dozens of others. a reward has been offered in hopes of bringing more people forward. a teenager who fled after converting to christianity is back home. she said she feared bodily harm at the hands of her muslim family. the judge ordered her in a foster home and her internet use monitored. they said interacting with people on facebook led to the child running away. a fire is reported on board. witnesses say a fire began in the back of the helicopter and then it began spiraling toward the ground. the chopper had been part of a military parade. two people were on board the plane when it came down. neither was seriously injured. there's a new warning for commercial attack.
4:48 pm
blaming an un -- underinflated tire for causing the accident that killed 70 people last year in texas. the report says the driver could have prevented the accident by checking the tire pressure. the ntsb wants all drivers to take new steps to -- to take tire pressure before getting behind the wheel. eight people died before going the wrong way down the road. sally has more on the chilling accident and the 911 call. >> police have just released the 911 call from the woman who saw the aftermath of the crash on july 26th. >> is there any injuries? >> there's a little kid. the kid is not moving. yeah, there's a whole bunch of kids. honestly, the car is smashed. >> diane shuller caused the crash by driving the wrong way down the peconnick parkway, while drunk and high on marijuana. but new cell phone records show shuller's niece called her father for help just before the
4:49 pm
accident, to tell him that diane wasn't feeling well and was having trouble seeing and talking. the phone records may help support shuller's family's claim, that diane did not drink. they say various medical possibilities may have been to blame, including diabetes or a stroke. denise? >> thank you, sally. eight people died in the accident, including shuller's 2- year-old daughter and her three nieces. a frightening predicament in china. he was trying to collect something from outside a window when she strip -- he stripped and fell and became wedged in a narrow spot. rescuers drilled a hole in one of the walls and were able to pull the boy out. he suffered cuts to his face but is expected to survive. former "price is right" host and animal activist bob barky is donate -- barker is doinating dr. 1 million. he is helping to offer a course on animal cruelty.
4:50 pm
this should come as no surprise for people who heard him urging people to geltd their animals spayed and neutered after the show. barker said his love for animals began 40 years ago. this gigantic gem was carved out of a raw, 55-carat diamond found in south africa. the diamond is so rare, you would need a microscope to find any imperfection. the 13-carat round rock does not come with a price tag. because if you have to ask, you really can't afford this one. >> unbelievable. >> you wouldn't wear it. >> i know people who would. >> not me. still to come on wjz. the sun came out today for a few hours. >> bob turk has your updated first warning forecast after this commercial break.
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bob. perfect weather. if you're not doing anything.
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come over here. it really did warm things up nicely. the rain moved out about 8:00. boom. now, it's across new england. and we've got some clouds left over. and might even see some fog forming. it all depends how strong the wind is. tomorrow should get nice again in the afternoon. we're at 69 now. got up to 70 with a west wind of 14. those winds come down the mountain. dry things out and heat things up. you really work today. barometer, 29.81. currently steady. dew point is down to 54. remember last night? and yesterday. the dew point was right in this temperature. it was like 60. the dew point was 59. we've gotten dryer air. 71 in washington. 73, paksz river. 70, turned out to be a nice day after all. we had anywhere from 1 1/2 to two inches of rain in our
4:55 pm
region. a few spots, a little more. 49 now in oakland. 59 in cumberland. west winds now. as i said, wind comes down the mountains. they tend to heat up a little bit by compression. and they dry things out. to the west of us, it's been pretty cloudy all day long. east of the mountains, because the winds coming down, they tend to dry out. we did see video of the sunshine. they're having snow in the rockies here. denver has picked up 7 inches of snow today. in the mountains, west of denver, as much as 2 to 3 feet expected. for us, the rain this morning, quickly moved away. there you see it moving away. high pressure building in. right now, looks like we'll probably stay dry, until late, late saturday night. if you go out with the kids, trick-or-treating, will be okay. after midnight side, -- saturday, we have a chance of maybe some shower activity in the region. particularly here on sunday. as that front approaches us. sunday now looks like the wet day of the weekend. may not rain a whole lot. but with the front approaching, we definitely have a chance of
4:56 pm
showers here on sunday. northeast winds, small craft advisory. bay temp, holding around 60 degrees. actually came up one degree. tonight, we'll see some clouds. maybe a little fog can form. 51. but then it will burn off in the morning. followed by some sunshine. it will be cooler tomorrow, high tomorrow in the low, perhaps 62, 63 degrees. depending how much sun we get tomorrow. >> let's hope it's a lot. a little better than we thought yesterday. >> okay, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. >> the h1n1 flu-related death toll in maryland rises to 12 after two more confirmed cases. i'm weijia jiang at the state health department. the latest flu watch is straight ahead o
4:57 pm
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coming up next on eyewitness news at 5:00. more h1n1 deaths. more potentially life-saving vaccines have arrived. but will they be enough? an exclusive talk with the man who fell 15 feet through this sidewalk grate. the story when eyewitness news continues. i'm mike hellgren. the driver charged in the hit- and-run death of a johns hopkins student was out on bail at the time. should he have been on the streets? and the latest in this investigation. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. more


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